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part of speech: noun

That which is built, as a bridge or building; construction; manner or form of building; arrangement of parts in a vegetable or animal substance; the special way in which a thing is put together; as, sentence structure.

part of speech: noun

Manner of building; make; form; manner of organisation; a building of any kind; an edifice; that form or condition in which the component parts of minerals or rock- masses are arranged, as in a granite quarry we find the rock arranged in large tabular or square- like masses- texture referring to the manner in which the component particles are internally arranged, as we find a piece of granite hard, close- grained, and crystalline.

part of speech: adjective


part of speech: noun

Manner of building: construction: a building, esp. one of large size: arrangement of parts or of particles in a substance: manner of organization.

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