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part of speech: pronoun

Of the second person sing., the person addressed, now gen. used only in solemn address. " Thou, as in Shakespeare’ s time, was ( 1) the pronoun of affection towards friends, ( 2) of good- humored superiority to servants, and ( 3) of contempt or anger to strangers. It had, however, already fallen somewhat into disuse, and being regarded as archaic, was naturally adopted ( 4) in the higher poetic style and in the language of solemn prayer."- E. A. Abbott.

part of speech: pronoun

The pron. sing. of the second person, used in speaking to a person; now seldom used, except in solemn discourse or in addressing the Deity; still used by the Society of Friends or Quakers in their ordinary conversation; but among the uneducated, thee, the objective form, is very commonly and incorrectly substituted for thou.

part of speech: pronoun

Nominative singular of the pronoun of the second person, grave form.

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