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part of speech: adjective

Interrogative; as, what trade does he follow?.

part of speech: conjunction

That; as, there is no doubt but what he will succeed; so far as; as well as.

part of speech: pronoun

Compound relative meaning that which; the thing that; as, have you found what you want? an interrogative; as, what are you doing? an indefinite; as, I do not know what happende.

part of speech: interjection

Neuter of WHO: how great: something. - rel. pron. - that which. - WHAT TIME ( B.)- at what time, when.

part of speech: relative pronoun

That which; the thing that; the sort or kind; which of several; used as an exclamatory word by way of surprise or question, meaning, how great, how remarkable, and suchlike; used for partly or in part,- as, " what with war, what with poverty".

part of speech: adverb

How; how much; as, what does it profit? Partly: followed by with; as, what with the cold and what with the darkness we could go no farther.

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