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part of speech: adjective

Interrogative; as, which house is yours?.

part of speech: pronoun

An interrogative; as, which is your house? a relative, meaning a particular one; the one that; as, point out which is yours; used of animals, ideas, or things.

part of speech: adjective

James ii. 7. It was formerly open followed by that or as, having the effect of giving emphasis or definiteness. “ This abbot which that was an holy ma.”- Chaucer.

part of speech: relative pronoun

An interrogative, as, " which is the house?" the so- called neuter of who; a word used when referring to something going before, as a place, animal, thing, or a phrase; used as a demonstrative adj., as, " take which you will".

part of speech: adjective

Which was often formerly preceded by the definite article the. That worthy name by the which ye are called.

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