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Definitions of yard:

part of speech: noun

An E. measure of 8 feet or 36 inches: a long beam on a mast for spreading square sails.

part of speech: noun

A staff; a rod; a measure of 3 feet, or 36 inches; in a ship, a long piece of timber, having a rounded taper towards each end, and slung by its centre to a mast.

part of speech: noun

A measure of length equal to three feet, thirty- six inches, or 0. 9144 meter: a long piece of timber attached to the mast of a vessel to support a sail; an inclosed space before or about a house, barn, etc.; an inclosure where a special industry is carried on; as, a lumber yard. etc.

part of speech: noun

An enclosure in which any work is carried on; a small enclosed space adjoining a house or building; in Scot., a small enclosed garden.

part of speech: verb

To put or confine cattle in a yard.

part of speech: noun

An inclosed place, esp. near a building.

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